Harsheel Dodhia

Managing Partner


Harsheel was appointed Managing Partner in January 2022 and is responsible for leading the partnership, and the overall management of the firm. As home grown talent, he originally joined the firm as a trainee accountant and now oversees the firm’s recruitment and talent strategy.

Harsheel has an extensive range of knowledge in assisting businesses, particularly companies and their shareholders, by providing proactive advice and ensuring businesses and their owners retain wealth all-round. Due to his breadth of knowledge and experience, he understands quickly the issues faced by many businesses today and determines to provides solutions. Harsheel and the firm has a drive to ensure businesses are continually supported throughout their development and challenges ahead.

Harsheel has various sectors experience, although principally in hospitality and leisure, property and construction, retail, IT and support services and healthcare. His global experience includes financial due diligence and financial reporting engagements dealing with firms in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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