Atul Shah



Atul has been a lead engagement partner in corporate finance assignments with over 34 years experience. His extensive experience in corporate finance, management consulting and project audit areas includes advising on acquisition strategies, due diligence reviews, restructuring, public and private share issues and placements.

He has been involved as a transaction or financial advisor on a number of high profile assignments including the IPO’s of CO-OP Bank, Kenya Reinsurance Corporation, public offer for Mumias Sugar Company and the privatization of Telkom Kenya and Kenya Government owned hotels. He has been involved on major privatization work in the oil sector in Zambia, Ethiopia Telecommunications corporation, Gambia Telecom; Bank privatizations including Kenya Commercial Bank, Zambia National Commercial Bank, Construction and Business Bank, Ethiopia.

He has also been involved in Government ministries and state audits for the Government of South Sudan under support to the Audit Chamber and performed a number of project audits for projects funded by donors including EU, the Global Fund, USAID, UN Agencies, SDFID, SIDA and a number of authorities including NACC and Kenya Roads Board.

Atul also hold various roles in PKF regional and global board of partners.

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