History of PKF International

PKF stands for William Henry Pannell, Erroll Kerr and William J. Forster. Between 1869 and 1923 they established their own companies in New York and London, merging to form PKF in 1969.

P” stands for William Henry Pannell. Born in England in 1843, Pannel was apprenticed to the London-based partnership Hart, Brothers & Co. In 1869 he set up his own accounting firm, W.H. Pannell & Co.

K” designates Errol Kerr. After immigrating to New York from his native Scotland, Kerr teamed up with the British businessman William Harris in 1911 to found the accounting firm Harris, Allan & Co. (later known as Harris, Kerr & Co.). The original office was located in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Madison Avenue.

F” stands for William J. Forster. Born in New York, Forster worked briefly for Harris, Allan & Co. before setting up his own firm, W.J. Forster & Co, in New York. In 1933 Forster amalgamated with Harris, Kerr & Co. to form Harris, Kerr, Forster & Co.


Today The PKF International (PKFI) network has member firms and correspondents in 385 locations in around 125 countries providing accounting and business advisory services. PKFI member firms have around 22,500 staff.