Quality Control

In striving to achieve our mission we adopt stringent quality control procedures. We operate in accordance with formal Quality Control Procedures based on International Standards of Quality Control that provide guidance on maintaining an adequate system of quality control over all aspects of professional work.

Comprehensive manuals for all areas have been developed by the firm in order to ensure that work carried out is in accordance with the outlined standards. Partners and staff involved in such assignments are therefore required to undergo rigorous training to ensure that they are proficient with the operations, risks, legislation and regulations governing these industries.

Professional quality assurance and quality control are integral elements in all our operations. They guarantee that the solutions are the right ones. Top quality service with zero defects remains our highest priority.

KLSA partners conduct peer reviews of the office annually. The reviews include formal reporting on the system of quality control in operation, and a detailed analysis on the results of the review, including any emerging best practices that may be replicated across the network or any remedial action recommended.