Our Culture

What is our culture? One way of seeing it is in relation to the firm’s business drivers. These have been defined as i) producing quality work, ii) meeting clients’ needs, iii) leading and enabling, iv) achieving financial results and v) growing the business. Our culture, then, is about fostering the best values and attitudes for pursuing these goals.

The KLSA is about what we do, and what we are seen to be doing. Rather than being just a set of guidelines to follow, it must be embedded in all aspects of the firm.

We have identified positive features that set KLSA apart, both in terms of how we operate as a firm, and how we serve our clients. We have investigated what our people most appreciate about our culture, and what the market most appreciates about us – features which are not necessarily found in all accountancy firms. Taken together, these features help to define what make KLSA unique.

For example, KLSA is unusual in being driven from the bottom up, with budgeting processes, business development and external business operations all planned and initiated locally. Clients, for their part, have expressed what they most appreciate about KLSA. These qualities include strong, down to earth relationships, specialist capabilities, value for money and – most importantly – delivering what they want and need, rather than over-engineering solutions.

The key features that make KLSA special, both for you (our people) and for our clients, are embedded in the way we go about our business: our code of conduct.

What it means for our people




Our aim is for you to use your experience to give our clients an edge

You’ll be encouraged to be creative and confident, and to challenge your comfort zone and ours

We want you to deliver quality work and make a difference, so we enable you by giving you the support you need


You’ll get interesting and challenging work and develop great experience

You’ll be given early responsibility and encouraged to take and use your initiative

We have a ‘can do’ attitude


You’ll work with clients and prospective clients to achieve what they want

We trust you to do right thing for the firm and to act with integrity and objectivity

We are driven not by what we have to sell but by what our clients need from us


We invest in you so that you can add to your skills, benefiting you, the firm and our clients

We promote quality, teamwork and support for individuals, all of which are fundamental to our culture

We have a learning culture that drives professional competence and quality in all we do


We are strong at quality relationships, building them and developing them

Our emphasis is on consulting, working together, on shared responsibility and shared success

Our clients and your colleagues prefer to work with people they can relate to and who are approachable and accessible


We get to know our people and our clients and understand their needs

We do not have a blame culture

We are seen as friendlier, more flexible and more focused on people than some of our competitors


We embrace diversity, maintaining a working environment which is free from prejudice and harassment –we will not tolerate behaviour that contravenes these principles

You’ll be expected to give, receive and act on timely and constructive feedback and treat others as you would like to be treated

You’ll be given opportunities to grow and develop by making a difference to the lives of others beyond the firm



What it means to our clients




Our aim is to use our experience to give you an edge

Our talented people have the confidence to support you as you work towards your goals

Understanding your requirements and responding to them within agreed criteria means our delivery is always tailored to the needs of your business


We have an extensive track record of providing quality work to our clients

We aim to reassure you through our knowledge of your business and your sector

We listen to your specific needs, responding to them and delivering what you ask us to deliver


Our expertise is applied and matured in real-life situations

We are pro-active with ideas and solutions to offer you and your business

We providing first-rate solutions to the challenges you bring to us


We invest in people who can make a positive difference

You can trust our people to do quality work

Our project management keeps you informed and in control


We commit to understanding businesses from the inside out

We endeavour to provide talented teams with the specialist skills you need

Our quality services provide real value for money


Our high quality advice is informed by commercial understanding

We develop strong, supportive and down to earth relationships, enabling open dialogue and frank advice

We build a co-operative relationship to obtain the best outcome for you


Our people uphold ethical and professional standards and ensure confidential information is protected

Our fees are appropriate and in line with our terms of engagement

We act with integrity, independence and objectivity, not allowing bias or undue influence to affect our professional judgement



Moving Forward


The most important thing about the KLSA culture is that it is constantly progressing. We encourage everyone in the firm to be proactive about it, not complacent. As said before, what matters is what we do on a day-to-day basis, and that what we are seen to be doing is aligned to our code of conduct.

The PKF culture exists only in the ongoing behaviours of our people. When we talk about experience, confidence and delivery, we are simply describing the set of attitudes that shape those behaviours. They are the things we value the most, and everything that we achieve as a firm, we achieve through them.

All of us have a personal responsibility to ensure that we put these behaviours into practice. We also have a responsibility to intervene where we see others failing to uphold them. If you need advice or support on ethical, compliance or other matters or wish to raise concerns, there are people available to help. These include your manager, your head of department, and your HR contact. If for any reason you do not wish to speak to any of these individuals then you can use the confidential whistleblowing procedure.

We hope and expect the firm’s culture to continue to grow and develop. How this happens will depend on all of us here at PKF in Eastern Africa. Every day and every assignment is a challenge, but also a chance to demonstrate our code of conduct in action. Through mutual support, and a firm-wide commitment to these shared values, we believe we can continue together to make PKF in Eastern Africa a firm that is truly special.