Our Code of Conduct

Our culture of experience, confidence and delivery

This page sets out, in plain terms, KLSA LLP  code of conduct and how this is rooted in our culture. It describes the qualities that we believe make us special, the values we wish to encourage in our people, and the identity that we as a firm wish to protect and project. It also provides a clear and reasoned answer to the question 'Why KLSA LLP?'

When we, as a firm, set out to reach clients or recruit new colleagues, the question inevitably arises: Why KLSA LLP? There is of course our wide range of our services and the high quality of our work, but we believe there is something more that really sets us apart from our competitors. Similarly, we often ask of ourselves, ‘How can we strive to improve on what we do?’ There is a ready answer to both of these questions, and it is centred upon our code of conduct and our culture.

There is a real sense within the firm, and among many of our clients, that KLSA  culture is both different and better. New colleagues are often heard to remark that KLSA  is friendlier than previous employers, with a greater sense of team spirit, and is a place where competition is focused externally, not internally. This in turn fosters an enthusiastic and collaborative approach that delivers integrated services with added value. In this way the benefits of our internal culture, the way we conduct ourselves, are felt externally, by our clients.